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Every waking hour Every waking hour

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It genuinely nice to get approval from anyone that has made it in the industry and when you sent that letter to me I was absolutely gobsmacked, I thought he wouldn't even give you the time of the day. I don't think on anyone on NG is going to give a tit who Nelson Wilbury is let alone the rest of this amazing super group is, and was. Poor uncle roy, too soon in my opinion, but I guess it was fate. I imagine this based on the work from Vol.1, but I will say even though your vocal is a little bit muffled at times its not bad!

We need to get you in with a decent microphone, and redo this as its pretty true to the Wilburys maybe without acoustic guitars, which I know you don't play. I'll get back to you as what we can do!

maxxpump responds:

I composed this tune about six months ago and its one of the demanding instrumentals which I've done, I don't think my vocal was as good as it should have been, but it could be down to equipment, I never thought the Rode's cheapy microphone was really up to my belting vocals, I did get away from it but yes it wasn't the cleanest.

But I got that reply back last month and I'm astounded, that exactly what you said. I thought I wouldn't get anything back, but I did and it was hand written and had his signature and everything. I couldn't have done this with out Daniel, your supports been absolutely amazing as well!

I think the demographic which is NG will never have heard who the Wilburys are and no I don't particularly care if no one gives a tot about it, I just wanted people to know what I'm upto, thats all.

Roy was taken many years to early and he probably seen a doctor about aliments first before he dropped dead, but like people he was petrified of the medical system which he said quite a few times in his short life. But his vocals absolutely chilling and his range is amazing. Nov 88' wasn't it, that the year I was born. So sad!

I'd love to redo my vocal in your vocal booth but its a question of time and logistics, I don't know when this will be, it could be a while.

Space Fantasy '17 Space Fantasy '17

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it quite a lot, still more amazing when you perform it. Maybe you could perform it tonight when you do that support slot? Anyway off to work now, I wish you all the best creativity for the day!

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maxxpump responds:

I may perform a version of it tonight, but I'm play this version as of yet and especially in front of that many people! Anyway have a good day Loman! :D

Garden Party! Feat Stuart Garden Party! Feat Stuart

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very danceable track, nice beat, and nice flow. I like the tempo shift throughout the song, it's very subtle, but towards the song it's quite noticeable! I'm also loving the piano, brass and that other synth sax or so sound. So you did it with the FR-7 which is a pretty cool piece of kit, whens that due back to the shop (how long you rent it for and how much they charge you for privilege, bet it was a bit pricey cause FR-7's go for around 5K? One of the most expensive instruments that Roland has its product line! apart from faux digital grands!

fireball01e responds:

Stu said it was £500 deposit and around £200 for the week! hes rented it for a week and a half. Yeah that was meant to be saxophone but stuarts having problems with the 32bit version of DVS saxophone which he usually uses for this purpose!