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Collaborations and old 90's original tunes

2017-08-16 13:48:17 by davisloman

So as people might have noticed after a long period of inactivity, I'm currently working on a collaboration album to mark my 50th b'day. I've got access to celebrated vocal proffesionals who I have recorded proffesionally in the past or done mixing for other artists.

I've got a body of work that I composed and used to perform most weekends as part my group "You've got no wings" during the 1990's. I've still got many of the original files because were recorded back then to reel to reel tape, which I've done extensive cleaning work and got them now on Tascam 24 track rack unit. I released a couple of pieces today, one with vocal artist called Stuart W which goes under the nick name Maxxpump, he's been making music for band ExeDist Music since 1996, I recorded his album in 1997, which sold nearly thirty thousand copies, he played bass synths and did all the drum programming as well as playing trombone on many tracks, which he was adept at! The other guy I've done work with in the few days is an old broadway musican, which worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber for about thirty years. 

My pick of the best tune today would be "Falling" which I recorded completly off board with 1970's analogue synths. The recording signal path goes through a 1967 Helios Valve console which is a fairly small forty channel console, I also used my Arp 2600 clone from the 1980's. 

The other track is called "I just love making music" which features the vocals of Maxxpump.


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