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My Girl MX 1 My Girl MX 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

4.5 for this as I know this song means so much to you, most people with half a brain cell should be able to work this out by now with all the different versions you've done, the blood sweat and tears of you playing this live, (this even makes me tearful!) But please stuart you have to let this go already as you know it happened in 2005 and its been over a decade and you refuse to let go of you passed girlfriend, I'm so sorry it happened, but you really can't turn back time. I know you created this as a coping mechanism and I still never will forget when you performed this i bristol and when you came off stage after a blistering performance, hit the floor and just fell to pieces. I didn't have fucking clue until then how much this hurt you and how much this really meant to you.

I'm so surprised that you released this on have balls m8te, you could have been flamed, but I guess so far noones been horrible about it and I hope for your sake it stays that way.

Peace stuart, she would want this for you.

maxxpump responds:

To be honest, it took as long as me to make this song for it to actually sink in, tragic it was. Yes I still remember Bristol festival and remember them calling paramedics out as they thought I had a funny turn or something. To be honest im even tearful now thinking about it. This song, the history, the's painful, even you probably wouldn't have ever felt this much pain in your life (I don't know that for sure, but this has haunted me for the last decade, I wish it could stop, but I ain't doing what is necessary to right this wrong). I've now performed this live maybe two dozen times and had nearly the same reaction everytime, at least I kept my shat together on stage, but you now what can say. Yes I was fearful about releasing this on Newgrounds, and yes someone could have mistook my vocals for me crying but its stood up well and I've had a really good reaction so far (Until you came

The Drugs Don't Work Anymore The Drugs Don't Work Anymore

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'll give you 3.5 for this as your vocals are abysmal, please carry on your sequencing and never open your mouth in this way again!

Down the 25 origins Down the 25 origins

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm the fence about this song of yours Maxx, very cool tune, vocals need work, but at least you're nearly in ute most of the time!

The Wrong Side of the Tracks The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a bit of a shitty poem as they go, but the voice over is excellent as your vocas go, please release your other voiceover work stu as you are very professional at this kind of work! Whats that about a golden shower??

Stringstep Stringstep

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This absolutely excellent Maxx well done, this definitely Dubstep and really good dubstep at that! carry on the good work and to be honest I would just love to do a collaboration project with you using some of my vintage equipment and your VSTi's, we could make something well cool! maybe we could get together at some point as obviously we are not that far away from each other anymore and would love to do another EDM/Trance/acid track with you, as your music really is somethign else. Well anyway, get back to the lab I want to hear more of what you've got to offer!

maxxpump responds:

Thankyou Davis, it mean a hell of a lot to me to get a comment of this nature from you. Yes I would love to do a collaboration with you and we will arrange it next I'm free and can get to your studio!

Sick Drum and Bass Sick Drum and Bass

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Maxx I believe here we have what is called a proverbial troll, most probably also a person which doesn't have a clue how to make music either, I checked his profile and his music was rather perfetic, so I wouldn't be worried at all about anything he says, if he is reading this, mate go back under your bridge you came from, suck your thumb and don't disturb anyone else as you sir are just rude, not a nice person and your music is complete and utter dogs balls! (a load of bollocks, if you have problems reading that).

Stu or Maxxpump to you part owns a multi million pound studio and is a very well known musician in Brighton. We regularly work with keith wilson and norman cook (if you don't know who that is look him up, if you still don't know him you haven't a clue about EDM music and you should definitely go back to hide under your rock!)

But on a other note, I found this slightly repetitive, but you have perfectly linked multiple drum and bass styles together (it seems with ease). I hope we can make a remix of this and use it on our next live set, stuart as this really rocks, but needs a bit of work here and there. I will say the dub thing is a bit crap, but I know your not good at that anyway...but do keep on trying anyway!

maxxpump responds:

Yes I realise now I've been trolled, but this guy's comment was definitely overly harsh and I think he's a complete a**hole as he puts it...but at the same time I think your comment is a bit harsh to him also as if you look at how may views I got on the portal, this song really did badly, which was surprising to me as I thought it was a good song! But anyway as I've said before I can do much better and will do much better next time around. Hope you are well and carry on doing your studio stuff you late father would love you for it. My branch of Lomax studios is still doing really well (million pound studio, not quite, bt that AMS Neve and Helios desk was pretty pricey as equipment goes, but do remember your dad funded the whole lot in the studio is as good as the operators, Joey and michael keep the studio aliev and no we haven't seen norman cook for a few years, but at least he recorded a few times here which rocks! Doesn't get much better than that. Keith came in the other day to do drum recording as it goes which was cool.

Wish your dad was still around, such a talented engineer and his work was second to non.

turn back time turn back time

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Truly excellent, yr voice ain't bad and with a bit of practice you could be a beautiful singer, go get some lessons and you should flower and blossom!

maxxpump responds:

Thanks Davis, I would love to get vocal lessons but when to fit them in is the problem as my life is very hectic as you probably already know!